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Double CD for cancer research

Maria Sibilia und Roman Koller
Roman Koller - singer and guitarist of the band "Discover" - presents a donation check for EUR 3,000.00 to the Center for Cancer Research

The serious background to the CD project was the death of a bandmate in 2019 due to cancer. This led to the members of the band “Discover” getting together again three years after their dissolution and releasing their concert at the Mattersburg Music Summer 2014 on CD for all fans and friends.

Sales of the double album "DISCOVER live in concert 2014" started in April 2020. It features 32 live songs by the band and an additional song by the friendly band Mindblind, which was composed specifically for the deceased. Thanks to the support of numerous fans and friends of the band, the CD sales raised the proud sum of EUR 3,000.00, which was donated in full to cancer research.

After handing over the check and some CDs, Maria Sibilia, head of the Center for Cancer Research, was able to give Mr. Koller an insight into our research priorities and the technical equipment used during a short tour of the center's premises.