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Our Research Work

Invest in the future!

The Center for Cancer Research at the Medical University of Vienna covers oncological research more comprehensively than any other institution in Austria. Through its interdisciplinary cooperation with research institutes and clinics that are as intensively dedicated to cancer research as we are, innovative and forward-looking research projects are created.

Due to this unique positioning, our findings and the knowledge we obtain from our research work flow beyond the boundaries of the laboratory into the clinic in the form of new and improved therapeutic treatment. In turn, we are able to incorporate treatment results into our research and refine them accordingly - this exchange directly benefits many cancer patients.

As an independent research institute with strong ties to the university, the Center for Cancer Research also offers a variety of training and continuing education in the form of courses, university courses and doctoral programs.

Our vision is to gain a complete picture of the causes and characteristics of cancer through intensive research, to prevent cancer, to reduce side effects, to improve tolerability and to reactivate the effectiveness of cancer drugs.