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Cellular and Molecular Tumor Biology

Aims of the research focus

In the recent years evidence accumulated that efficient tumor growth and metastasis is based on the complex interaction and signaling between mutated tumor cells and their “microenvironment” consisting of various cell types including immune cells, vascular cells, and fibroblasts.

We use different model systems and patient material to identify these signaling pathways, especially in liver and colorectal cancers.

Currently, we are focusing on pathways like EGFR-, FGF-, and Jak-Stat-signaling to understand their important role in tumor and stroma cells.

Using both, in vitro and in vivo models we aim to develop effective new targeted treatments and to simultaneously attack multiple pathways in cancer cells and the tumor stroma which are most likely required to prevent uncontrollable tumor growth.

Mainly researched types of cancer

  • colon cancer
  • liver cancer
  • osteosarcoma
  • melanoma