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Postgraduate Program Toxicology

University Course

General Information

Toxicology is also referred to as the science of chemical safety, and is concerned with the harmful effects of chemical substances on the human body and the environment. 

While damage caused by toxic substances is relatively uncommon today, it is by no means a thing of the past and can sometimes have catastrophic consequences. The objective of toxicology is to predict any potential harmful effects in order to prevent damage to human health and the environment.

Because there are so many different types of chemical compounds with a multitude of possible effects, working in the field requires in-depth multidisciplinary knowledge. There is a demand for toxicology expertise in a variety of different fields, including pharmaceuticals development, the food industry, occupational medicine, forensic medicine and environmental medicine. Modern toxicology offers people and the environment a high degree of protection against toxic chemicals and pollutants. Wide ranging education and training that conveys the latest scientific knowledge is required to ensure this is maintained in future.

Postgraduate Program Toxicology

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