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Eferl Lab

Robert Eferl, Assoc. Prof. Priv.-Doz. Mag. Dr.

Research Focus

Our research group is mainly interested in molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in the development and progression of colon cancer. Patients with inflammatory bowel disease have an increased risk of developing colon cancer, underscoring the importance of inflammation. Therefore, we focus on cytokine signaling, which is activated under inflammatory conditions, and on the role of the intestinal barrier, which prevents bacterial transmission and inflammation, in colon cancer.

Selected Publications

STAT1 is a sex-specific tumor suppressor in colitis-associated colorectal cancer.
Crnčec I, Modak M, Gordziel C, Svinka J, Scharf I, Moritsch S, Pathria P, Schlederer M, Kenner L, Timelthaler G, Müller M, Strobl B, Casanova E, Bayer E, Mohr T, Stöckl J, Friedrich K, Eferl R.
Mol Oncol. 2018 Apr;12(4):514-528. doi: 10.1002/1878-0261.12178

Epidermal growth factor signaling protects from cholestatic liver injury and fibrosis.
Svinka J, Pflügler S, Mair M, Marschall HU, Hengstler JG, Stiedl P, Poli V, Casanova E, Timelthaler G, Sibilia M, Eferl R.
J Mol Med (Berl). 2017 Jan;95(1):109-117. doi: 10.1007/s00109-016-1462-8.

Myeloid STAT3 promotes formation of colitis-associated colorectal cancer in mice.
Pathria P, Gotthardt D, Prchal-Murphy M, Putz EM, Holcmann M, Schlederer M, Grabner B, Crncec I, Svinka J, Musteanu M, Hoffmann T, Filipits M, Berger W, Poli V, Kenner L, Bilban M, Casanova E, Müller M, Strobl B, Bayer E, Mohr T, Sexl V, Eferl R.
Oncoimmunology. 2015 Jan 22;4(4):e998529. eCollection 2015

A mouse model to identify cooperating signaling pathways in cancer.
Musteanu M, Blaas L, Zenz R, Svinka J, Hoffmann T, Grabner B, Schramek D, Kantner HP, Müller M, Kolbe T, Rülicke T, Moriggl R, Kenner L, Stoiber D, Penninger JM, Popper H, Casanova E, Eferl R.
Nat Methods. 2012 Sep;9(9):897-900. doi: 10.1038/nmeth.2130

STAT3 protects from liver injury and fibrosis in a mouse model of sclerosing cholangitis.
Mair M, Zollner G, Schneller D, Musteanu M, Fickert P, Gumhold J, Schuster C, Fuchsbichler A, Bilban M, Tauber S, Esterbauer H, Kenner L, Poli V, Blaas L, Kornfeld JW, Casanova E, Mikulits W, Trauner M, Eferl R.
Gastroenterology. 2010 Jun;138(7):2499-508. doi: 10.1053/j.gastro.2010.02.049.

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Presentation Maria Sibilia, Robert Eferl, Martin Filipits