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Facility FACS

The FACS Facility is equipped with state-of-the-art flow cytometers and offers high quality cell sorting service. We support CCR scientists with hands-on service, data analysis, experiment design, panel design and individual in-depth user training.

The CCR FACS Facility is equipped with:

  • BD LSRFortessa flow cytometer (3 laser / 14 colors)
  • BD LSRFortessa X-20 SORP flow cytometer (4 laser / 16 colors) with High Throughput Sampler (HTS)
  • BD FACSMelody cell sorter (3 laser / 8 colors, 4-way sort and plate sort capability)
  • Cytek Aurora full spectrum flow cytometer (5 laser/40+ colors/64 detectors)

Our services include:

  • Multi-color analysis of complex cell populations
  • Cell cycle analysis and apoptosis assays
  • High quality cell sorting of rare cell populations from heterogeneous samples
  • Single cell sorting (index sorts) for sequencing and cloning
  • User training (flow cytometers, cell sorter and data analysis software)